surf and yoga hotel Santa Teresa Costa Rica

Visit Costa Rica: activities in Santa Teresa

There is so much to do while staying in SANTA TERESA! Not only it is a beach and nature lover’s paradise, it’s a great destination for those who are seeking action packed adventure days, as well as those who are seeking a more zen-like escape complete with yoga, massages, and long sunset walks.


The main Santa Teresa surf spot is just a 4 minute walk from the lodge. Santa Teresa beach has some of the best and least crowded surf in the world with consistent right and left breaks all year long. The water is always warm, so no need for wetsuit. There are many other breaks for you to explore as well.

We can also advise you on the best point breaks and recommend transportation if it’s not within walking distance.

Horseback Riding

Have you always dreamed of riding a horse in the sand, crashing waves thundering in your ears, and the smell of salt water and freedom in the air?

Take a 2 hours horseback tour with a local guide preferably in the morning or late afternoon, enjoying the sunset on the horizon. You don’t need to be experienced rider, this tour is for any level, even for beginners.We can arrange tours in the jungle, on the beach and into the mountains.


Take a stroll along the seemingly endless white sand beach or visit some nearby national parks such as Cabo Blanco National Park and Cabuya National Park.

You can visit nearby Montezuma and hike trough the river to the waterfalls or take a hike trough the forest. You’ll see amazing tropical trees and flowers, exotic fruits, birds, howler monkeys, white face Capuchin monkeys, giant Iguanas and you may even spot armadillo, raccoons, spotted skunk and more.

Canopy Tours

Do you want to explore a unique and adrenaline-filled environment? Fly through the treetops hundreds of meters in the air with a chance to spot some of the diverse wildlife.

We can set a 2 hours Zip lining tour in Mal Pais on a farm at the entrance to the Cabo Blanco Reserve with 11 platform or Montezuma Waterfall Canopy tour with 9 cables and 13 platforms suspended high above the tropical Forrest. Don’t miss this great adventure!

ATV Tours & Rentals

Start your engine and get ready for an adventure. We can arrange ATV rental for the day or the whole week.

This is a great way to get around the town and explore the neighborhood and its scenic views of nature and Pacific Ocean. You can take alternate trail through the tropical forest, bordering the Cabo Blanco reserve to the Montezuma waterfalls or just drive to the nearby Mal Pais or Manzanillo fishing village. It is lots of fun.

Kayaking & Fishing

Enjoy scenic fishing or kayaking in the Pacific Ocean, or paddle up the nearby rivers exploring the jungle and its wild life. Catch fish from your kayak and get to know the steamy underwater volcanoes below you during the 3 hour tour.

You may see turtles, manta-rays, dolphins and occasionally a whale. A half day or full day fishing trip can be arranged. We will be happy to fix some sashimi, ceviche and cook or BBQ your catch of the day for small extra fee.


SUP or Stand Up Paddle is an exciting sport that is a true full body workout. Enjoy an alternative to surfing by using a paddle.

It’s easy to learn and suited for all levels of skill. We will provide all the equipment and take you to the most convenient spot with calm water and beautiful views from the ocean. For those that like to experience SUP – Yoga, which is a great practice for developing mindfulness, focus and balance, we offer SUP – Yoga class with our certified Yoga Teacher.

Tortuga Island

One of the most popular full day excursion is a snorkeling trip to Tortuga Island (Isla Tortuga). Snorkeling in the volcanic rock reef, surrounded by crystalline waters and home to many tropical underwater wildlife, will make it an extraordinary snorkel experience. A 45 min boat ride along the coast takes you to the Island. Lunch water and snack are included. You can hike around, rent a kayak, get on banana boat, or just chill at the white sand beach watching the tropical wildlife. Scuba diving may be arranged as well.


Our property is set back from the street with a private tropical jungle surrounded by plants and fruit trees. You can watch monkeys, iguanas, birds, a variety of other animals from your room.


Enjoy endless white sand beach edged by jungle, washed by the Pacific ocean.
You can take a long walk or watch the breathtaking sunsets. It offers excellent surf conditions all year round with point or beach breaks for any level.

We can also organize a variety of trips to surrounding areas including the Montezuma Waterfalls and Cabo Blanco National Park for snorkeling, diving, and other activities. Just ask!