surf and yoga hotel Santa Teresa Costa Rica


Santa Teresa is home to many exciting events including Surf Competitions, Fashion Shows, Food Festivals, Retreats, Beach Cleanups, and more. Stay tuned for more Events as they are announced! Contact us if you would like to plan a retreat here at Funky Monkey Lodge. We have several packages and you can customize everything to meet your group’s needs! 

COVID UPDATE: Contact us directly for our current yoga and aerial schedule

Vinyasa Flow (one movement, one breath) is a class that offers dynamic movement through asanas with a focus on foundation and stability, as well as strength and stamina. During class, I offer hands-on adjustments as well as verbal cues to improve your practice, keeping a nice rhythm and flow, usually accompanied by curated playlists.

Melt Class : This class, usually offered in the evenings, allows students to further surrender into postures in a safe, supported way, aiding in flexibility as well as stability. Hands-on adjustments, touch-healing and verbal cues are always offered for those open to it.


Ballet Barre Fitness and Strala Yoga with Isobel

Ballet Fitness is a fun, challenging and incredibly effective way of working out. It's a dynamic mixture of Classical Ballet, Floorbarre - the cross-training done by professional dancers, and functional workouts. You'll sculpt, tone and stretch every inch of your beautiful body on the yoga mat and at the barre. You learn to move gracefully and soft while improving your balance and posture, sweat, and have lots of fun on the way.

It's an empowering and uplifting class for anyone who want to train like a dancer. No previous experience required.

Strala is a yoga style founded by Tara Stiles in 2008. It's known for it's inclusive and open attitude, with classes where we practice moving through both simple and more challenging things with ease. Strala is created with elements of dance, Martial arts and Eastern practices like Tai Chi, aiming to help you find a sustainable way of moving that feels great in your body. We drop tension and have fun while exploring your unique possibilities. The result is a strong and moveable body, a calm focused mind and a healthy happy life.

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