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  • – Anamaya, a resort perched on a hill overlooking the water, is a tropical paradise with great people, healthy food and all the exciting activities you could want. The peaceful surroundings and outstanding service are over the top. Anamaya offers best Yoga teacher training, Surf camp, and yoga retreats in Montezuma. The view from the yoga deck is breathtaking. The location in Montezuma is great, although not on the beach. There is something truly magical about this place and you would feel the differences at once you step you foot into this beautiful resort. Anamaya offers world class yoga retreats which are considered best not only in Montezuma but also in Costa Rica.
  • Soul Surfer Yoga Retreat – Experts say that Costa Rica has the most consistent surf in the world and it is now generally accepted fact that Costa Rica is second to none for practicing Yoga in Caribbean! But there are very few resorts that offer both Surfing and Yoga retreats in Costa Rica and obviously Anamaya Resort is one of them. The physical benefits of yoga offered by Anamaya also complement the flexibility and strength needed to have maximum fun when surfing. Not only Surfing and Yoga, Anamaya offers most of the other tropical activities including Cliff jumping, hiking, life balance programs, gourmet food and scuba diving.
  • – Costa Rica is considered one of the world’s top eco-destinations! This is one of the very few countries which successfully integrate sustainable agriculture, eco-friendly farming techniques, environmental education and community development activities with cutting age technologies. That’s why Costa Rica has become one of the best eco-destinations. If you are looking for a complete Travel portal for Costa Rica, Costa Rica Journeys would be your first choice as it covers all the necessary information including hotels, yoga, scuba diving, volcanoes, fishing, restaurants, etc. All the information, presented in an organized manner, are up to date and accurate.
  • Hotels – More and more Hollywood and sports stars as well as travel geeks are taking vacations to the warm beaches of Costa Rica. So why not you? Especially when there are websites like Malpais Beach which can make your vacation to any part of the country, including Malpais and Santa Teresa, as easy as possible. Here you will find everything for travel, tours, accommodations, festivals, vacations, and adventure in Costa Rica. The beaches of Mal Pais and Santa Teresa, which host some of the best surf spots in Costa Rica, are becoming one of the most popular surfing destinations in Costa Rica. This beach is considered one of the ten most beautiful in the world. So don’t forget to keep an eye on Malpais Beach for much needed information about Malpais and Santa Teresa.
  • – Ecolodges are vacation spots that invite tourists to help improve the community they are visiting. As Costa Rica is considered one of the greenest destinations, it’s not surprising that you would find some of the best Eco-lodges of the world here in Costa Rica. Costa Rica Ecolodges is an online platform which is dedicated to help you find best eco-lodges in the country. Here you would find all the information not only about eco-lodges but also about green travel, eco tourism, sustainable living, and organic farming. This can work as your ultimate Eco tourism guide in Costa Rica.
  • – Are you a fan of surfing? Are you in search of a website where you can find all information concerning surfing? If your answer is yes, then is the place. This is your one stop site in which you will get information ranging from your best Costa Rica Surfing activities, to the top surf schools, to the best surf spots, to the top surf retreats, to the best surf resorts, to the top surf shops to the top surf camps, to the regional surf guides, to the wonderful surf videos and more. Costa Rica Surfing is the site to visit!
  • – Costa Rica Sailing is the website that will provide you with all the information on where to get the best Costa Rica sailing and boating tours for you to enjoy the beautiful sceneries along the shores and coast of Costa Rica and the top class cruises to various destinations round the globe that will give you enjoyable, memorable services. Do you want to experience the sunset view? Do you want to see the magical array of colors as the sun sets? If yes, then visit Costa Rica Sailing and get information on where you can get the best sunset tour services.
  • As you read this, are you currently in or planning to tour among the most beautiful beaches of the world and the beautiful rugged jungle of Santa Teresa and Malapais? If yes, then keep an eye on Malapais Beach, your travel portal with information on the top class hotels with the best services where you can stay during your visit, the best and affordable vacation rentals to enjoy your holiday in, the top luxurious surf and yoga retreats, where to get car rentals and flights arrangements, guides on surfs, yoga, restaurants, towns and beaches, wedding services guides including entertainment and catering and more.
  • – This website will provide you with information on your various Costa Rica travel requirements ranging from the hotels to be accommodated in, to the description of beaches to visit, to the remarkable game parks and the wildlife you will be privileged to see in these parks, to the surf camps, to the vacation rentals where you can enjoy your holidays in, to the various tours and travels including horseback riding, to the yoga and surf retreats, to the catering services, to where to take surf lessons and oh! The list is long! Keep an eye on Travel in Costa Rica and get the information.
  • – You are currently visiting or planning to visit Montezuma Costa Rica but do not know where to get the very information you need? If yes, then Montezuma Surfing is the solution. Visit the site to get rich information on the best surf camps, where to learn surfing, the best surf retreats, where to get the best surf boards, the best surf spots, the top hotels and restaurants offering the best services, where to get the best tour and travel services, the beautiful sites and places to visit and the top yoga retreats. This is your one stop site for information!
  • Cabo Blanco Info – Cabo Blanco National Reserve in Costa Rica was established in October 1963. In the past few years it has become a famous tourist’s haven, filled with numerous activities and five star accommodations. It is found in the jungle fringed coast of the peninsula and provides a sanctuary to various endangered species of birds and animals which include scarlet’s, toucans, great green macaws, among others. Other viewings of Pumas and one jaguar have been reported. Montezuma Beach is one of the few online places where you find updated information about this national park.
  • – Costa Rica has become a recognized eco-tourism destination the world and its practices in eco- system sustainability and rehabilitation has led to it being among the best holiday destinations in the world. Its “neutral carbon” practices have helped in the diversification of flora and the growth of the environment in various forms, proving that sustainability is at its best, at the heart of all this is a dedicated team of individuals and companies who have helped shape the destination to reach its green standards. Pura Verde is an excellent website to find information about Conservation, Culture, Education, Green Building, Food, Health, Products, Real Estate and Travel in Costa Rica.
  • – Roatan Honduras, the largest of the Honduran islands offers a lot of activities in the Caribbean, which include cruise ship docking, scuba diving, snorkeling, eco tourism and adventure sports like zip lining, sport fishing, parasailing, under water submarine tours, glass bottom boat viewing, and many more. The destination lies on the Mesoamerican barrier reef, the second largest barrier reef in the world which hosts numerous marine lives. Rotoan Honduras also has various vacation rentals mostly found in the west bay, which are luxurious and expansive, and have hospitality services ready to cater to the clients every need. Roatan Guide serves as a Travel Guide with a lot of information about scuba diving, hotels, vacation rentals, resorts etc. in that area.
  • – When people do fishing primarily for pleasure or competition, we call it Recreational and sport fishing. Like hunting, fishing originated as a means of providing food for survival. Sport fishing is one of man’s principal relaxations and, in many countries, the most popular participant sport. Costa Rica is considered one of countries for sport fishing. There are many sport fishing tour companies that invite you to experience the best sport fishing you can imagine. But if want a fishing adventure that you will never forget, you need to find the best company as well as spots. Sportfishing Costa Rica offers you all the much needed information about different sportfishing companies, accommodations, rental boats, fishing gear and all other equipment.
  • Costa Rica has grown to be a formidable tourism hub hence creating new market and investment opportunities for real estate buyers and hoteliers alike. Tropisphere real estate which provides and rents properties in the southern Nicoya peninsula for those willing to invest in this tropical paradise is a fantastic example of how companies are coming up with quality products in this case real estate for their clients. Tropisphere offers all types of real estate property including beachfront homes, surf house, beautiful villas, farm/finca, expansive mansions, wildlife rescue center, condos, surf hotel, excellent hotels, springs hotel, commercial property, and large properties for development.